Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 7- Kinston, NC to Edenton, NC - 103 miles

 Well today marked our 7th day on the long ride from FLETC in Brunswick, GA. We have become a group who did not know each other at all in the beginning to one that can move down the road as a unit at a whopping 18+ mph average over 100 miles. Today we held 3 memorials for officers who gave their lives for different communities in Pitts County, Greenville and Edenton. The people down here really hold these men in high regard and honor their memory. We stopped in one small town where the local police and sheriff and town civic board welcomed us to their community. They thanked us for taking the time to remember them and the civic group make home made food for us to snack on. Several times local law enforcement officers joined us to ride our route. When we entered Edenton, NC both the Sheriff of Chowan County and the Chief of Police of Edenton rode with us. We had hoped for a sprint to the finish line but to no avail. After a brief memorial service along the water, we were treated to a Fried Chicken dinner. Tomorrow is our last day before arriving in Chesapeake. We will be going our separate ways as some head home and others stay to ride the LEU "Ride for Hope".