Monday, May 16, 2011

Meeting Chris' Family

On Friday I finally got to meet the family of the officer I rode for when they were flown to DC for Police Week. I had spoken to Tracy a couple times and it was great to finally meet her along with her children Conner and Kaylee and their escorts from San Diego. I just wish it had been under more happier reasons. I presented them with wristbands I had worn in Chris' honor and memory from GA along with FLETC and agency patches and route sheets from the ride.  We sat and talked a while getting to known each other before I presented them with a flag flown off my bike from Ft. Hunt to the Pentagon. We said our goodbyes until we meet again. They gave me a memorial shirt Kaylee designed with Chris' EOW, badge number and initials. This one will not be worn but place in my collection of memories.
I also wanted to thanks some people for supporting me on the journey. My list of sponsors and supporters is family, friends, the FCSO for the special assignment, Lustine Toyota, Fairfax EAC, The Fairfax Deputy Sheriff's Coalition 5016 and  FCSO Sheriff's Association and all the folks who purchased raffle tickets from me last fall.

Thank you again.